Relax, recharge + rejuvenate your LIFE

In-person energy healing + reiki in Sydney, and online sessions.

Maybe you’ve been …

  • feeling stressed
  • having trouble sleeping
  • feeling really unmotivated
  • burnt out and tired
  • irritable and snappy
  • anxious or depressed
  • finding it hard to focus and think clearly
  • going through a relationship break up
  • experiencing a big change
  • feeling stuck
  • having stress related aches and pains, and you know they’re stress related because the tests from the doctors came back all clear
  • suffering from migraines, muscle tension or digestive issues that are making it hard to feel good and enjoy life
  • trying to heal trauma
  • doing all this work on yourself, and you’re still not where you thought you’d be
  • seeing a psychologist and they helped you somewhat, yet you’re still not truly happy and are wondering whether you ever will be

Whatever it is, all you know is that you’re ready to feel better now. You’re ready for a positive change.

Sydney energy healer Diana Edwards

Hi, I’m Diana Edwards. I’m a reiki practitioner + energy healer in Sydney, Australia, offering in-person and online sessions. If you answered yes to any of the above, then I’d be honoured to help.

With reiki as the foundation, my gifted energy healing abilities come through in a session when required. This makes for a powerful and effective combination, clearing what is in the way of you being able to feel good in your life, and increasing your capacity to receive good things. From this place of feeling better, we’re naturally more positive, making positive change more possible.

Research has shown that positivity opens our hearts + minds, enabling new ways to think and be that are otherwise unavailable to us when we’re feeling stressed or even neutral. This is why feeling good facilitates positive change.

The positive effects I’ve experienced from the sessions have surprised me. I have more energy, increased focus, and feel happier at a deeper level. I also feel a lot less stressed. All of this has made an enormous difference in my work with clients.

Paul — Lawyer

Reiki is an energy therapy that works on the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual levels.

This makes reiki a truly holistic treatment that’s able to assist with a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional issues.

By combining reiki + my gifted energy healing abilities, I’m able to assist you more deeply for what it is you require. These are some of the reported benefits as experienced by clients from reiki + energy healing sessions:

  • Clear stress
  • Relax deeply
  • Feel inner peace and calm
  • Sleep better at night
  • Rejuvenate from burn out
  • Clarity to make better decisions
  • Quiet the negative voice in your head
  • Clear brain fog
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • Resilience — experience life’s bumps as less bumpy, and feel more in control of your own life
  • Get unstuck and move forward in your life
  • Make positive life changes
  • Clear the build up of emotions
  • Calm the emotions
  • Release the emotional charge around trauma
  • Emotional healing
  • Better relationships
  • Clear anxiety
  • Process grief
  • Feel happier
  • More positive and optimistic
  • Feel energised
  • Improve hearing loss
  • Relieve digestive issues
  • Clear physical aches and pains
  • Reduce the occurrence of headaches and migraines
  • Relieve physical conditions that are caused by stress
Reiki in Sydney

50 minutes: $150
80 minutes: $225

Relax deeply so that you can rest and recover from the stress that’s affected you physically, mentally or emotionally. Whether it’s to clear stress or heal emotional pain, reiki and energy healing can assist.


50 minutes: $150
80 minutes: $225

We all need someone to talk to. Sometimes, what we have to talk about we’re unable to share with the people around us. I offer a safe space to talk things through, and can offer information and insights to help you heal.


50 minutes: $100
80 minutes: $150

Receive the benefits of reiki + energy healing in the comfort of your own home. Sessions include the opportunity for ’a chat’. I offer a safe space to talk, with the added benefit of having it cleared with the energy healing.

REIKI clinic in Sydney

In-person reiki sessions are held in the clinic at the Sydney Health and Wellness Centre (near Martin Place) at 88 Pitt St, Sydney. Online reiki sessions are also available.

I feel more energised after the session. It was an energy I hadn’t felt before, like an aliveness. I also felt OK with everything. I felt at peace. And this morning I realised I was feeling happy, which is something I hadn’t been used to feeling.

Helen — Nurse