Diana Edwards Emotional Health Facilitator in Sydney

Hi! I’m Diana.

I enable Senior Leaders + Executives and other high-achieving individuals to access a positive mindset and remain high-performing for the longevity of their careers, as well as longevity in their careers.

With over 25 years of experience in personal development and wellbeing, and 10 years in private practice, I combine my skills and experience to specialise as an Emotional Health Facilitator.

This service evolved out of a requirement I saw in the unmet needs of clients. Targeted research showed that emotional health was key in resolving their issues. Seeing a gap in health and wellness, I developed a unique way of assisting people like you in high pressure and high-achiever positions, to ease the stress and negative side effects associated with the highly productive lifestyle. My distinctive approach and skillset enable me to achieve results where traditional pathways miss the mark.

A master facilitator of deep relaxation + rejuvenation

Relaxation and rejuvenation are vital aspects of undoing the effects of stress, accessing a positive mindset, and experiencing sustainable success. With 80-90% of visits to the doctor’s office being stress related, stress is the underlying factor in many physical, mental, and emotional issues—including poor sleep, burnout, headaches and other recurring pain.

The ability to get to the core of issues is my specialty. Clients often come to me when everything else has failed. Doctors haven’t been able to do more than offer pills that often make them feel nauseous, or it isn’t something they’re comfortable doing long term. Psychologists help to a degree, yet I often hear that it wasn’t enough.

Understanding the way emotions effect our physical and mental health is part of the key to my success in getting to the root cause of issues, especially when clients have had no success elsewhere.

“ For 4 years I had experienced debilitating waves of heavy-headedness, nausea, and fatigue. I had every medical test done, all of which were negative. My day to day existence was becoming severely impacted, resulting in low energy, helplessness, and depression. I was running out of options and was led to Diana. Her calming presence, wisdom, and sympathetic and patient ear had a great effect on this mystery malaise. Without even realising, after a few sessions the symptoms abated and have not since returned. I still to this day do not know what was wrong with me, and neither do any of the numerous ‘health professionals’ to whom I fed copious amounts of money. I am simply grateful that Diana helped me. ”


The personal story

At the age of 21, I had a nervous breakdown. I had no idea what was happening to me, let alone how to get better. In retrospect, the breakdown was totally understandable. With what I know now, I can see I’d been living in a state of fight or flight nervous system activation for all of my life. I was unable to switch off and relax. Feeling exhausted, yet pushing through to get things done. Getting to the point of burnout because of an invisible driving force that felt like it wouldn’t let me stop. 

At first I thought it was because I was a high achiever. And to some extent, that was true—I take pride in my high standards, attention to detail, and productivity. However, when I took a deeper look I realised there was more going on below the surface.

Eventually I learned that if I wanted to get the best out of myself I had to slow down, and that how I felt mattered. Simply getting things done was no longer enough. I wanted to thrive and feel good whilst achieving. Both science and our own experiences show us that when we feel good we naturally show up as our best — at work, at home, and all of our relationships.

Emotional Health Sydney

Waiting to be happy limits our brain’s potential for success, whereas cultivating positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive, which drives performance upward. This discovery has been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies.

Shawn Actor, The Happiness Advantage

Emotional Health Facilitator Sydney

“ For about 15 years I had been suffering from severe crippling migraines. The kind with intense pain that sees me throwing up continuously for hours to the point where I’m on the brink of being admitted to ‘Accident and Emergency’ for dehydration. The havoc migraines had on my life extended beyond the pain and accompanying feeling of depression. The constant fear of getting them meant I often declined going out and making plans with friends.

To find a cure, I tried many things: painkillers (which I would throw straight up), changes to my diet (including giving up coffee for 6 months but it made no difference), massage, yoga, relaxation techniques and sleep therapy (stress and lack of sleep contributes to migraines), changing the contraceptive pill, going off the pill, vitamins, and Chinese herbs.

I did acupuncture for a while, though this made me more stressed as I have a needle phobia and hate being touched. I even underwent teeth straightening as apparently clenching and grinding your teeth has an impact on headaches and neck tension. At their worst I begrudgingly went on daily medication, except this was not a healthy long term solution.

Family, friends, and work colleagues were concerned, and like cures for a cold, everyone had suggestions. One friend mentioned that she thought reiki could help.

After the first session I noticed a few changes. As well as having more rotation in my neck (I have tight neck and shoulders), I also felt more calm and relaxed. I knew right away this was something I wanted to explore further as I had not experienced quick results like this before. As the sessions progressed, I continued to get physical relief in my neck. I also found I was able to relax more easily with each session.

In addition, I’ve learned to recognise my reactions to situations that have contributed to stress and migraines; received tools to manage these reactions and view situations from a different perspective; broken patterns of behaviour that had negative impacts; and understood the source of strong emotions and learned to heal from it—this has all contributed to me being far more relaxed and happy.

I’ve only had one migraine in 8 months, which is a vast improvement from 20-30 a year! I now feel more in control at work in dealing with difficult situations, and I feel more confident in making plans to meet friends and go on holidays as I know it is highly unlikely I will get a migraine.”



Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
Langley Group Institute

Executive Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching
UTS Business School with Dr Tim Sharp

Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health Professional Development Program
The Neuroscience Academy

7th Level Reiki Practitioner
The Original Seven Level System of Reiki