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Inner Peace and Calm — DIana Edwards

The personal story

At the age of 21, I suffered a nervous breakdown. It was the most defining experience of my life. Even though it was hugely traumatic, I’m grateful that it completely changed the trajectory of my life.

It took many years, much soul searching and many different therapies to come to understand why I experienced such a thing. I searched for answers and meaning.

Being that young, I had no idea what a nervous break down was. All I knew was that I was disappearing as a person, becoming a shell of who I was — mentally, emotionally and physically.

Leading up to the breakdown was a deep depression that had left me unable to work; unable to socialise; involuntarily unable to keep food down so that I was losing weight from an already slim body; with a face full of acne that had had me in tears of self loathing when I looked in the mirror, and unable to leave the house.

As the weeks went on it had gotten harder and harder to live with myself. The mental and emotional anguish at the time was getting too much to bear, until eventually I felt like I had snapped and broken inside.

I had no idea what was happening to me, let alone how to get better.

Through a recommendation I went to see a naturopath. She helped to sort me out physically. For the mental/emotional stuff, the naturopath sent me to a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist opened my eyes to the world of spirituality.

Spirituality very quickly became the foundation of my life.

Once I discovered spirituality, I pursued learning about it with great passion. This, combined with learning the skill of meaning making has enabled me to find a lot of meaning in my life — from day to day experiences, to recognising larger life purposes.

Finding meaning in the suffering I had experienced — from the adversity I faced growing up, to a nervous breakdown at age 21, to even more suffering afterwards with other life events — had set me on a path of being determined to learn how to end that suffering.

It had become my mission. I’ve been determined to live a good life.


Our ability to achieve the good life depends on our efficacy in coping with stress, misfortunes and negative emotions.

Paul Wong, The Human Quest for Meaning


On my mission to overcome suffering, I’ve learned many things about handling stress, misfortune and negative emotions.

Along the way I discovered positive psychology, which is the scientific study of happiness. I’ve gone on to learn about it with equally great passion as the spiritual stuff. I absolutely love positive psychology and love sharing it with others.


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• 7th Level Reiki Practitioner
  — with the Original Seven Level System of Reiki

Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
  — w
ith the Langley Group Institute

Executive Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching
  — conducted by UTS Business School and Dr Tim Sharp

R2 Strengths Profiler Accreditation
  — with Emotional Intelligence Worldwide