Inner Peace: a message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama

inner peace and calm Diana Edwards

I got to see the Dalai Lama for the first time last month. I went to a positive psychology conference called Happiness & It’s Causes — and absolutely loved it! You may, or may not know, that I’m currently doing a Diploma of Positive Psychology, which I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of with you in the coming months.

There were many inspiring speakers that I was excited to hear from, though I think I was most excited about the Dalai Lama (you can watch the talk here). He was really sweet and light hearted, even when discussing difficult things. The thing that stuck in my mind the most was when he said:

“The path to happiness is inner peace.”


To wrap up the conference, Darren Percival performed a song that he’d put together out of the notes he’d made as he sat in the audience, listening to the speakers. And you know what the chorus of the song was? “All I need in my life is some inner peace.” He had the crowd on their feet, singing this over and over again.

That line of the song stuck in my head for days afterwards. And I know it was in answer to the question I’d had before I went to the conference. I’d been wondering whether I should “reposition” what I do to something more like “positivity and wellbeing”, rather than “facilitating inner peace”.

After the conference, I felt like I had my answer.

So, I’m staying with inner peace.

I know that I’ve personally been on the search for inner peace for a really long time. I’d get glimpses of it and wondered why it didn’t last. I used to wonder what I was doing wrong.

My experience has been that there hasn’t been just one answer. There were many little shifts along the way that have accumulated over time. Most of those shifts were in my mind, that resulted in changing the way I see things. It’s been a continual process of upgrading the mindset. I’ve also had many, many, many energy clearings, and continue to do so.

Sometimes, we can understand something intellectually, yet it’s not translating to being our actual living experience. Sometimes, things sit in our energy and they just require to be cleared. You might’ve already done all the processing and analysing, and you just require the stuff to be cleared.

Have you been struggling with something? Could you do with a bit of extra support right now?


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