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Support your high-achieving Senior Leaders + Executives enhance their performance without burning out

Investing in the emotional health of your Senior Leaders + Executives enables them to access a positive mindset and enhance their performance sustainably. Research has shown that when a leader displays positive energy, it also enhances the performance of those around them.

Executive Emotional Health Service in Sydney

Positive affect is critical to explaining outcomes that concern managers in organisations. Research shows positive impacts on performance, decision making, turnover, prosocial behaviour, negotiation and conflict resolution behaviour, group dynamics, and leadership.

Barsade and Gibson, 2007

89% of C-suite executives said their wellbeing is a priority, with 81% saying it was more important than advancing their career.

69% are seriously thinking of leaving for another job that is better at supporting their wellbeing.

82% said that if the company supported their wellbeing more, they’d be inclined to stay on.

These are the staggering statistics in the wake of the pandemic, in research conducted in February 2022 by Deloitte in partnership Workplace Intelligence, in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, with 1,050 C-suite executives.

Offering tools and strategies to care for wellbeing is empowering. However, when the demand on personal resources is greater than the ability to recover, tools and strategies aren’t enough. Lack of recovery creates a build up of emotional stress that leads to issues such as:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Headaches and other physical pain
  • Burnout

Emotional health is an aspect of wellbeing that is often overlooked in the workplace, yet is critically important. It’s intimately connected to mental wellbeing, effects physical health, and has a significant impact on productivity and performance—both of the leader and those around them.

Numerous studies show that when a leader is in a positive mood, those around them experience more positive moods, too, naturally boosting morale. This creates an upward spiral that enhances optimism to achieve goals, creativity, innovation, decision making, learning, seeing possibilities and opportunities, and fosters collaboration and connection—all of which contribute to enhancing productivity, performance, and cohesion of the organisation.

In addition to addressing issues that prevent leaders from experiencing a positive mindset and energy, such as poor sleep, burnout, headaches and other recurring physical pain, this Executive Health Intervention also addresses emotional labour.

Emotional labour is the effort it takes to remain professional when what we’re doing is not in alignment with how we feel. It’s a source of stress, and leads to behaviour known as surface acting. According to Susan David in her Harvard Business Review article, research shows that over time surface acting can make us more prone to depression and anxiety, decreased job performance, and burnout; and has an effect on others, too. For example, leaders who surface act are more likely to be abusive to their employees.

The future of workplace wellbeing is changing.

Get ahead of the curve by addressing emotional health in an alternate way that’s fast, easy, and effective.

Rather than ‘just’ more information, this wellness intervention is a practical way to rejuvenate the personal resources of Senior Leaders + Executives to enhance their performance without burning out, and positively affect those around them.

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    Emotional Health Sydney

    20-30% of business performance is determined by mood.

    Dr Daniel Goleman