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Is a lack of sleep, burnout, or headaches and recurring physical pain affecting your performance?

Executive Emotional Health in Sydney

Achieve sustainable success

  • Improve your emotional health
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Access a positive mindset

Are you one of 89% of C-suite executives who is prioritising their wellbeing in the wake of the pandemic?

There’s a way to recover faster from the drain on your personal resources that has negatively impacted your health, wellness, and performance.

How can you get ahead of the curve?

If you’re looking for an alternate way to do what everyone else is doing, that’s faster and easier, I can help you rejuvenate your personal resources to access a positive mindset, so that you can lead with positive relational energy and be a leader that gets noticed.

The chemicals released when we genuinely feel good have a positive effect on the body, brain, and heart. It enables new ways of thinking and being that are otherwise unavailable to us when we’re feeling stressed, or even neutral.

The body

Feeling good has health giving effects. Research has shown that positivity has been linked to:

  • Better sleep
  • Fewer colds
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved digestion
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Lower risk of disease
  • Lower inflammatory response to stress
  • Lower levels of stress related hormones

The brain

The chemicals released when we feel good are fuel for the brain. All of our cognitive abilities are enhanced, making us more productive because we’re better able to focus, concentrate, and think more clearly.

There’s also an opening effect on the mind, widening the scope of our vision literally and metaphorically to see the bigger picture, connect dots, make better decisions, find solutions, new ways forward, and spot opportunities. We’re primed to see more possibility, and are therefore more creative and innovative.

This broadened mindset as a result of positivity contributes to enhanced performance.

The heart

An article in Harvard Business Review, titled ‘The best leaders have a contagious positive energy,’ described research by Kim Cameron showing that positive relational energy—the positive energy exchanged between people that is life-giving and renewing—is the most powerful predictor of leadership success, and ultimately organisational success.

The broadening effect of genuine positive feelings on the heart is what facilitates this positive energy. In a practical sense, it means:

  • We show up as the better version of ourselves.
  • We experience positive relational energy that enables us to naturally connect with others more easily, fostering greater collaboration and better relationships both at work and home.
  • We’re more inclined to do things that expand our comfort zone. It’s this ability to move beyond our comfort zone that enables us to keep levelling up.
  • By experiencing positive energy, we enhance our own performance; and by expressing positive energy as a leader, you facilitate higher performance of those around you.
Emotional Health Sydney

The evidence is overwhelming that experiencing and expressing positive emotions and moods tends to enhance performance at individual, group, and organisational levels.

Barsade and Gibson, 2007

Emotional Health Facilitator Sydney

“ Since working with Diana I’ve learned to recognise my reactions to situations that have contributed to stress and migraines; received tools to manage these reactions and view situations from a different perspective; broken patterns of behaviour that had negative impacts; and understood the source of strong emotions and learned to heal from it.

I’ve only had one migraine in 8 months, which is a vast improvement from 20-30 a year! I now feel more in control at work in dealing with difficult situations, and am a lot happier in general as a result.”


“ I’m feeling a calmness I didn’t know was missing. I have a lot more patience with my son, and other things that would usually bother me—like situations at work—haven’t been bothering me. I also feel content with life, which is something I’ve probably never felt before.”


“ I feel a lot calmer and am sleeping much better. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what is happening to my life. I also have more positive energy.”


Executive Emotional Health Service in Sydney

The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain.

Shawn Achor, Harvard Business Review

Address the issues that prevent you from accessing a positive mindset, so that you can enhance your performance sustainably for deeper happiness at work and home.
  • Improve your sleep
  • Relieve headaches and other recurring pain
  • Rejuvenate from burnout
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