EP 1: Roz Lawler on getting over the fear of being seen

When Roz realised as a child that others were unable to see and hear Spirit the way she did, she hid that part of herself and lived in fear for many years that people would find out the truth about her.


Roz has had the ability to see and hear Spirit her entire life. From the age of just 8 months old she began to learn how to leave her body and come back, and from the age of 1.5 she started learning with the Ascended Masters in Spirit.

At a certain point in childhood, Roz realised that others didn’t see and hear what she did, so she pushed that part of herself and her life away, until the time came when Spirit showed up again to tell her that people were waiting for her.

In 1998 Roz decided to devote her life to using her gifts and abilities to assist others. For over 20 years she held monthly ‘Night with Spirit’ evenings where she channelled different beings of Light, leaving her body so that other beings could enter and speak through her. They came to offer wisdom, inspiration and practical guidance on many things; including how to get over things that had happened to us, how to embrace the gifts in our lives, and how to be in connection with others in a way that is respectful of all, including ourselves.

Even though she no longer does ‘Night with Spirit’ and channels a lot less, Roz still has access to all of the wisdom that has been shared through her. Today, Roz and Spirit continue to assist others, with Roz being more in the fore as spokesperson for the team.

Roz has a deep love of people and desire to assist those who are in pain. She does this with energy clearings where she’s able to clear emotional pain and trauma, and offers mentoring sessions to assist and guide people to move forward to the next level in their lives.

Roz Lawler fear of being seen

DnM quotes from Roz

(3:49) Setting purpose for listening to this episode: “The purpose is to receive that which is for you, what resonates with your heart and then to use it with wisdom in your life, and to empower you moving forward with joy.”

(18:57) “The desire to take away people’s pain was what directed me to the way in which I was going to do what I do. People hurting; people not meaning to, but hurting each other with their words — I would see that.”

(19:41) “I wanted people to be who they really are, because, I think what people don’t realise is that we’re here to enjoy this place; to feel what love feels like; to have the freedom to be who we are.”

(20:09) What is the meaning of life? “To discover and embrace who you really are lovingly and to do no harm. To be who you are and to enjoy being you in the world without forcing other people to be the same.”

(28:11) “The whole point of their [Spirit’s] sharing was to assist people moving forward. It wasn’t about what happened in the past. It was about where you’re going and how life can go. They never predicted the future because the thing that they taught me, which was really, really helpful, was that we have this thing called choice. We’re going to decide what we do, and the movement forward is really up to us.”

(49:51) “All the things I hid about me for so many years of my life ended up being the things that people embraced.”

(52:37) “Very often when we call something fear, we close the door. When you take those same feelings… and actually call it joyful anticipation, you open the door to something, and then you can move your way through.”

(54:37) “Very often, people are judging the veneer you put up — who you pretend to be to the world — and they judge that. And then we take that personally. It’s this little placard we hold up that says, ‘This is all of me I’m allowing you to see.’ Then they judge that and we take it very personally.”

(55:47) “When other people have an idea of who you are, it’s through their history, it’s through their experiences; it’s not through you. It’s their interpretation of who you are through their pain.”

(1:06:32) “When you become at peace with, ‘Yes, this is who I am and it’s OK being me. I will trust and have faith in what I do, and who I am, and my connections with everything’ — just do it, and it becomes just who you are.”

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Roz Lawler on the ‘Deep & Meaningfuls with Di’ Podcast, Episode 1
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