EP 6: Sally Guthrie on how to use the power of identity

Make no mistake about it—we’re all affected by identity. It’s just that for the majority of us, it happens without our awareness. There may be identities you’re unconsciously living into that are getting in the way of the very thing you’re trying to achieve. Learn how to use the hidden power of identity.

People throughout history have used the hidden power of identity to step into a version of themselves that could achieve great things. By accessing a certain identity, they were free of the fear, self-doubt, and other limiting beliefs that would otherwise hold them back.

We have identities like being the smart one, being pretty, or sporty, for example. Being rich or poor. Or like being a people pleaser, a party animal, or a victim. The one least likely to succeed, or the one most likely to succeed.

The positive identities can be helpful, and as long as it serves us well, there’s no issue. However, there may be identities you carry unconsciously that can really get in the way of the very thing you’re trying to achieve.

Sally Guthrie how to use the power of identity

DnM quotes from Sally

“It’s such a changeable thing. We move through different identities throughout life, and we take on different identities. It’s not about who you are as a being—that’s solid. What we connect with and how we experience life itself is the thing that’s changeable within the identity.”

“When I embody the identity of something, then of course, I take the obvious action towards it. If I am a marathon runner, I get up early and I train.”

“It really is just like slipping on and off a jacket and stepping into, and therefore taking the actions. Our behaviour is the strongest message.”

“We’re all playing roles. Essentially, that’s the truth about our entire experience in life. We’re all playing roles, and we make the roles up. We literally make them up. So when you can see the roles that you’re making up, when you can see the identity you’re wearing, when you can see what you’re doing, then you have the opportunity to choose something else if it’s not working for you.”  

“If that’s the thing I want, then I have to align with that thing, rather than be something else. Keep your focus on the thing you want, and then align your identity with that.”

“With anything we want to achieve or create, the bottom line is that we want a feeling. We think we’re going to feel a particular way when we have it. You can choose the feeling now. Just step into it.” 

“The mind is amazing and wonderful, but if we let it run our life… it’s automated. It’s literally survival. If we let the mind run the show, you’re just in survival mode. And who wants to live a life of survival?”

“What’s the difference between someone who steps into a new identity and somebody who doesn’t? The difference is the power of the choice. It’s line in the sand, ‘Yes! This is it for me—this is what I want, this is how I identify, this is how I show up and this is what my actions are.’ ”

Connect with Sally Guthrie

Sally Guthrie is a clinical hypnotherapist, specialising in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Sally was personally trained by Marissa Peer and unofficially mentored by her. Marissa has mentioned Sally on podcasts, trainings and interviews for her achievements and success with clients.

Sally has a vast background in the study of the mind and human behaviour, and is passionate about helping people free themselves in order to optimise the way they experience life. As well as working 1:1 with clients, Sally also has a course called the Free Thyself Project, which is all about identity.