Reiki sessions (in Sydney)

50 minute session: $150
80 minute session: $225

I had not really considered having reiki sessions before I met Diana. I’d been trying to alleviate stress through exercise and yoga sessions.

I have a stressful job which had led me to bouts of insomnia. It’s been an ongoing pattern in my life.

Since having reiki my sleep patterns have changed significantly. I’m now enjoying restful nights sleep uninterrupted. I’ve also been better able to switch off in my hours outside of work and allow myself down time.

Deborah — Lawyer
Reiki sessions Sydney

Reiki is an energy healing that’s calming and relaxing.

When you come for a session, you lie down on a massage table fully clothed. As you close your eyes and relax, I put my hands over different areas of the body (usually without touching), my hands hover over the body. The reiki energy flows from my hands to you.

Reiki sessions are excellent for clearing stress, calming the mind, soothing emotions, and rejuvenating the body.

Feeling calm has a positive ripple effect throughout our lives. When we feel calm and relaxed, we feel better. And when we feel better, we raise our levels of positivity. The feel-good chemicals that are released because of the positive feelings, have a positive effect on our body, brain and heart.

The body

Feeling good has health giving effects. Just to name a few, research has shown that positivity has been linked to:

  • lowering inflammatory response to stress
  • boosting the immune system
  • better cardiovascular health
  • lower blood pressure
  • fewer colds
  • better sleep

The brain

Positive feelings are actually fuel for our brain. All of our cognitive abilities are enhanced, making us more productive because we’re better able to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.

There’s also an opening effect on the mind, which makes us more creative. It means that we can see the bigger picture, connect the dots, make better decisions, find solutions, new ways forward, and spot opportunities. We can see possibility, where before there had felt like there’d been none.

The heart

Research has shown that feeling good has an opening effect on the heart. With more of an open heart, we show up as the better version of ourselves. We naturally connect with others more easily which results in better relationships.

We’re also more open to exploring new possibilities and doing things that we’d otherwise be less inclined to take action on because they take us out of our comfort zone. It’s this ability to move beyond our comfort zone that enables us to keep moving forward and expanding who we are.

If you’d like to read reiki results and the benefits others have experienced from reiki sessions, read the testimonials. This is Jennifer’s experience after her first reiki session.

I had heard of reiki, though only in a general way in the context of an alternative new age therapy. To this I admit I reacted with skepticism.

For the past 15 years I have been suffering from severe crippling migraines … I knew straight away this was something I wanted to explore further as I had not experienced quick results like this before.

I have only had one migraine in 8 months, which is a vast improvement from 20-30 a year! As a result I now feel more in control at work in dealing with difficult situations.

Jennifer — Document Specialist