Strengths Assessment

Imagine instead of focusing on what’s wrong and trying to fix it, we focus on what’s good and right, and build on that. That’s what a strengths based approach is all about.

Recognising our strengths is an excellent way to feel good about ourselves and increase our positivity.

One of the foundational benefits of knowing and valuing our strengths, is a deeper confidence within ourselves about who we are and what we have to offer.


Strengths assessment with the Strengths Profiler — includes an ‘Expert Report’ and one debrief session.

The Strengths Profiler is the most comprehensive strengths assessment tool currently available.

It’s also the only strengths assessment tool that measures the energy component of doing something that you’re really good at — this is what distinguishes it from a true strength and a learned behaviour.

60 attributes are assessed through 180 questions that measure the three areas of performance, energy and use. Depending on how you answer the questions, these attributes then fall into the different areas of realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths.



The Debrief

Understanding the report that’s generated from your assessment requires a debrief. Through this facilitated process you’ll learn about:

  • Realised strengths — how to marshal these to get the most out of them.
  • Learned behaviours — how to moderate their negative impact on you.
  • Weaknesses — how to minimise their use and/or impact.
  • Unrealised strengths — how to maximise this area of potential.


Allow 60–90 minutes for the debrief.



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