Due to the personal nature of the sessions, some clients have understandably chosen to remain anonymous and use initials only.

Thank you! I’m feeling much lighter and brighter after our session.


Before the group reiki session I was feeling very tired and depleted after a big week with work. Afterwards I felt so much better. I was relaxed, my mood was better, I felt more energised, and a rash I had all over the body cleared up the next day.


I’ve been feeling so much better. The following day the pain had eased, though was still there. The second day the pain was completely gone. I’m so grateful to be free of the pain!


I slept well that night, I must say! Didn’t wake up at all, which was good. Mood wise, the emotions were more at peace. No more crying!


I felt good after the group reiki session, and have slept well since then.


I wasn’t sure how the reiki would translate online, and wondered if I’d absorb the energy of the other participants in the group. However, I found it really valuable, and felt the sensations I do when with you in person. Afterwards I felt really calm and content, and slept really well.


I feel more energised after the session. It was an energy I hadn’t felt before, like an aliveness. I also felt OK with everything. I felt at peace. And this morning I realised I was feeling happy, which is something I hadn’t been used to feeling.


I’m feeling a calmness I didn’t know was missing. I have a lot more patience with my son, and other things that would usually bother me — like situations at work — haven’t been bothering me. I also feel content with life, which is something I’ve probably never felt before. Thank you for the gift you have given me.


I feel happier in my head; the negative talk has slowed down.


I feel a lot calmer and am sleeping much better. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what is happening to my Life. I also have more positive energy.


I was struggling with not being able to sleep and getting recurring migraines every 2-3 weeks. Working a super stressful job, I was also stressed and anxious, and felt as though my world was falling apart. Diana gracefully held my hand and my heart through the fall, caught me and told me, “It’s okay.” She helped me understand, and to move forward, s-l-o-w-l-y. 

After each session I was able to receive a better sense of clarity and move more towards sitting within my heart space as opposed to reacting from my head. The migraines got better and I slept better after sessions as well.

Diana is a wonderful healer and is genuinely interested in helping all her clients achieve a greater sense of happiness and well-being. I’ve experienced Diana’s true passion for helping others as going above and beyond. In addition to the reiki sessions, her spiritual guidance has helped me immensely. Diana has great insight and wisdom into peoples true nature, and an ability to get to the heart of what is going on energetically. Her gentle, nurturing and positive approach guides beautifully to a feeling that all is well.

I feel very grateful that our paths have crossed. Thank you so much.


I highly recommend Diana. I came to her with severe and (what seemed like) incurable migraines and anxiety. I used to have a couple of migraines a week, and after only a handful of sessions, I’ve noticed a significant improvement. I started feeling a difference after the second session.

Diana is now my go-to for any emotional or physical strain. She has a calming presence and a wealth of knowledge in wellbeing.


I go for a reiki session when I’m not feeling good to feel better, and I go when I feel good to feel great.


I’ve been going through a divorce for the last couple of years, which had left me feeling stressed and emotionally drained. After the first session, I have to say that I did notice a shift in myself. I was feeling happier and had a spring in my step, which I hadn’t had in a long time.


I feel so much calmer, like a weight has been lifted! 


The positive effects I’ve experienced from the sessions have surprised me. I have more energy, increased focus, and feel happier at a deeper level. I also feel a lot less stressed. All of this has made an enormous difference in my work with clients.


When Diana suggested an online reiki session I was a little taken aback. How could this work? Although there is a plethora of social media platforms for talking, I wondered how it could give me relief from the head and neck tension that her face-to-face consultation provides.

Facing an unknown period of self isolation I decided to try remote reiki healing. I couldn’t believe it when I felt the same sensations on my forehead, as I do in the in-person sessions! I also felt the tension relief afterwards. It really can work from a distance.


I am feeling a lot more balanced and a sense of calm. You are very warm and gave a sense that we have met before.


I met Diana for a free session at a promotion she ran with Lululemon and instantly I knew that I had to see her again. Diana has a serene vibe about her. You can’t help but feel drawn to her calmness. As a Reiki Master myself, I recognise the importance of healing with a professional. My session with Diana was beautiful, deep and clearing. The healing felt profound. I recommend Diana very highly.

Arishma Singh

I had not really considered having reiki before I met Diana. I’d been trying to alleviate stress through exercise and yoga sessions.

I have a stressful job which leads me to bouts of insomnia. It’s been an ongoing pattern in my life. After meeting Diana and sensing her great inner calm I felt inclined to give reiki a try to see whether it could benefit me.

Since having reiki my sleep patterns have changed significantly. I’m now enjoying restful nights sleep uninterrupted. I’ve also been better able to switch off in my hours outside of work and allow myself down time.

After a session I feel very relaxed, and a sense of relief. Initially I was concerned that I’d spend the entire time worrying about work I could have been doing at that time. I love the overall sense of calm that pervades the session, which gave me permission to let myself relax and embrace the experience.

I would strongly recommend that people experience a session of reiki to see how it can enhance their life and assist in dealing with any type of stress or anxiety. Often we’re very good at accepting stress as a constant in our lives when there are options of alleviating it or reducing the effects of it.

I believe Diana is a dedicated and gifted practitioner with a genuine interest in assisting her clients in getting the results they’re seeking. Diana brings a sense of calm to the experience, and with that inspires trust in her clients.

Deborah Sorensen

I had heard of reiki, though only in a general way in the context of an alternate new age therapy. When I asked what it was I recall I was told it was energy healing, where the person waves their hands over you to help you with a malady. To this I admit I reacted with scepticism. How can waving hands do anything?

For about 15 years I had been suffering from severe crippling migraines. The kind with intense pain that sees me throwing up continuously for hours to the point where I’m on the brink of being admitted to accident and emergency for dehydration. The havoc migraines had on my life extended beyond the pain and accompanying feeling of depression. The constant fear of getting them meant I often declined going out and making plans with friends.

To find a cure, I tried many things: painkillers (which I would throw straight up), changes to my diet (including giving up coffee for 6 months but it made no difference), massage, yoga, relaxation techniques and sleep therapy (stress and lack of sleep contributes to migraines), changing the contraceptive pill, going off the pill, vitamins and Chinese herbs.

I did acupuncture for a while, though this made me more stressed as I have a needle phobia and hate being touched. I even underwent teeth straightening as apparently clenching and grinding your teeth has an impact on headaches and neck tension.

At their worst I begrudgingly went on daily medication, except this was not a healthy long term solution.

Family, friends, and work colleagues were concerned, and like cures for a cold, everyone had suggestions. One friend mentioned that she thought reiki could help. I was open to giving it a go, except that like everything health related, there are varying quality of practitioners—so how do you go about finding someone that is good?

Soon afterwards in answer to this I came across a free 20 minute introductory offer from Diana. I thought, it’s not costing me anything, so what do I have to lose?

After the first session I noticed a few changes. As well as having more rotation in my neck (I have tight neck and shoulders), I also felt more calm and relaxed. I knew straight away this was something I wanted to explore further as I had not experienced quick results like this before.

As the sessions progressed, I continued to get physical relief in my neck. I also found I was able to relax more easily with each session. In addition, Diana has helped me in seeing different perspectives on difficult and stressful situations — this has all contributed to me being far more relaxed and happy.

For people interested in reiki I would definitely recommend Diana. I have only had one migraine in 8 months, which is a vast improvement from 20-30 a year!

As a result I now feel more in control at work in dealing with difficult situations, and I feel more confident in making plans to meet friends and go on holidays as I know it is highly unlikely I will get a migraine.

Jennifer Palmer

I had been going through a challenging time, worried about decisions I had to make regarding my future. I was tense and felt helpless. I was also having difficulty sleeping, as I couldn’t stop thinking about things.

Immediately after the first session I felt great relief and peace of mind. I felt really peaceful, calm, and — dare I say — happy, afterwards.

Generally, I now have more of a sense of hope, with more faith in a change for the better in the future — something I didn’t have before. I still have problems, but now I feel I can take action to deal with them. Diana taught me a process I can use to deal with emotions, which I’ve found to be very effective.

I really enjoyed the facilitation aspect of the sessions. It was good to talk about things, and the reiki afterwards worked really well with easing the emotions.

I wholeheartedly recommend Diana’s sessions. I believe her to be a caring, genuine and gifted therapist who has no ego; with a great knowledge of people, suffering, courage and hope.

Cáit Lynch

I had been feeling very negative — cluttered internally and externally. I used to dwell on negative things. There was a lot of negativity in my mind, and on a physical level the house was very cluttered. I was feeling stuck and directionless in my life. I wanted a clearer path. I felt like I’d lost connection with my intuition and didn’t know which way to turn.

After seeing Diana for about 3 months, I feel so much more positive. I’m more confident and have a brighter outlook on life. I am now clear on what I want to do and have taken steps towards it. I feel like I have clarity, both internally and externally — I’ve even decluttered the house.

I’m hearing and listening to my intuition again.

I’m able to enjoy the moment and good things more than I used to.

I feel more stable and less affected by the bumps that come along — negative things affect me less and I feel more in control.

What I liked best about the sessions was the combination of being able to talk about things and the reiki. Speaking with Diana helped me mentally process things and the reiki helped to calm and clear. After each session I felt relaxed and relieved, like a space had been cleared and I found clarity. The sessions are calming and peaceful.

Diana is a very warm hearted, kind person. As soon as I met her I felt comfortable and knew I could open up to her. I don’t generally open up to people very easily, yet with Diana, I always felt safe. There was no judgement — she understood and advised me.

I definitely recommend Diana and her services.

Kaushalya Gamlath

I went to see Diana to help me with my stress levels after taking a week off just to focus on myself. I had a brief intro into reiki nearly 15 years ago, but it was nothing like my wonderful experience with Diana.

I was concerned I would not be able to relax, but within a couple of minutes I felt completely comfortable. Diana certainly has a special gift.

The time flew by. When I had finished I could not believe I had been lying still for so long. I had such a great feeling of calm at the end. I can highly recommend Diana and would be happy to travel the hour to have another session. Thank you so much!

Julie Cartwright

I had no desire to have reiki. I hadn’t had a very good experience with it in the past. It was only through meeting Diana and getting to know her a little that I felt her calming presence, and how authentic and caring she is. I knew she was someone I could trust to receive reiki from.

The reiki session was beautiful.

Diana’s calming presence, combined with the reiki, cleared the internal noise and I was able to reconnect with my inner stillness. I felt connected, grounded and peaceful.

Cindy Russell

I really appreciated just having an hour to breath. During the reiki session I felt incredibly relaxed, very calm and centred. Afterwards I felt less weighed down and more happy.

Kerry Schindlmayr

I had some self worth issues that needed to be addressed. Diana did both a spiritual guidance and reiki session with me. I left the session feeling confident and grounded. I felt clear about my boundaries with a renewed sense of purpose and destiny.

I’ve seen Diana a number of times. I always feel like I get exactly what I need each time. I would thoroughly recommend her if you want to have an experience which is both unique and profound.

Julie Rice

I am a Sydney based entrepreneur and was in the midst of a very stressful time just last month when I tried reiki for the first time. I immediately felt safe with Diana and I knew she would have a calming effect on me. I have always been open to natural therapies and spiritual guidance but I really didn’t know what to expect from reiki.

The experience was absolutely mind-blowing. The session cleared up the overwhelming, debilitating stress which robbed me of mindfulness, quality family time and sleep. It also got rid of some deep fears I had about my life and also removed back and shoulder pain caused by long hours in the office.

The moment Diana placed her hands on my head, I felt this incredible and pure connection to her, and to something magnificent beyond her. The feeling of calm, acceptance and warmth overcame me. I’d been powering on in fear, guilt and stress for many years, and I finally had a chance to release all of that. I felt at one with myself and the world.

After the treatment Diana took the time to see how I was feeling, what to do from here, and we chatted for a while over tea. I emerged happy, relieved, and pain free.

Now my world seems so much more balanced and bright. I am going to see her again as I am blown away by her abilities and the care she offered me before, during and after my session.

Vanja Stace