What the bleep is reiki?

Reiki is an energy therapy that is able to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce headaches and recurring physical pain
  • Rejuvenate from burnout

As a result we:

  1. Increase productivity and performance
  2. Improve mental wellbeing and emotional health
  3. Have more energy and vitality
  4. Access a positive mindset

1. Increase productivity and performance

1a) When we experience high levels of stress, struggle with emotions, depression, or anxiety, we operate from the survival brain. This can hinder our ability to access the prefrontal cortex, and therefore the executive functions of the brain we rely on to do our jobs successfully.

It interferes with the ability to focus and concentrate, think clearly, make decisions, problem solve, learn, and self regulate; and can be experienced as symptoms such as brain fog, irritability, inability to switch off and relax, insomnia, and rumination. We’re more likely to make errors and get distracted easily, all of which has a negative impact on productivity and performance.

Reiki is able to balance the brain so that it calms the survival brain and activates the prefrontal cortex, restoring access to our executive functions. This means that we can be more productive and increase our performance.

1b) Reiki is able to increase productivity and performance because it recharges the brain. The prefrontal cortex that performs our executive functions uses a lot of fuel. In fact, mental energy starts to deplete after 60-90 minutes. This is when productivity can slow down and performance is impacted, because the executive functions become harder to perform (see above).

To optimise productivity and performance, it’s important to take a break and recharge. The unique benefit of reiki is that we’re receiving a boost of energy to the brain, which does far more to recharge the brain than simply taking a break. This is a huge benefit that is unique to reiki.

1c) Reiki is able to increase productivity and performance by relieving headaches and other aches and pains. When we’re in pain, it takes mental energy from the prefrontal cortex to inhibit feeling and thinking about the pain. This drains mental energy faster than when not in pain, and leaves less fuel in the tank to perform executive functions. By relieving the mental drain of pain, there’s more fuel in the brain to perform executive functions for greater productivity and performance.

2. Facilitate mental wellbeing and emotional health 

2a) Reiki facilitates mental wellbeing and emotional health because it’s able to balance the brain. This is important, because when the brain is in balance, the prefrontal cortex is in charge. And when the prefrontal cortex is in charge, the brain functions optimally.

When a person is struggling emotionally or feeling stressed, they operate more from the limbic system. This is also known as the survival brain and is where fear based, negative, and self destructive thoughts come from, and can negatively impact mental wellbeing. These thoughts produce negative emotions that negatively impact a person’s emotional health. 

These negative emotions have to be suppressed by the prefrontal cortex, which decreases the amount of mental energy available for the executive functions to operate, and impacts productivity and performance as well.

Reiki is able to clear stress and negative emotions that have built up, calm the limbic system and activate the prefrontal cortex. With the prefrontal cortex in charge we have healthier thoughts that come from the conscious part of the brain. This is how reiki is able to facilitate an increase in mental health and emotional wellbeing.

2b) Reiki facilitates mental health and emotional wellbeing by relieving stress. Reiki is highly effective at relieving stress because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the body’s rest and repair response. It’s the opposite of the fight or flight response, and undoes the effects of stress. 

When we’re stressed we operate from the survival brain. Reiki is able to clear stress-related thoughts, emotions and tension in the body, so that we feel calmer, thereby having full access to the prefrontal cortex. This allows for healthier thoughts and feelings, resulting in greater mental wellbeing and emotional health, as well as increasing our productivity and performance.

3. More energy and vitality

4a) Reiki is an energy therapy, which means that you receive energy when receiving reiki. So, what kind of energy is it, and what does it do?

The literal translation of reiki is ‘universal life force energy’. It’s the same energy that’s in every living thing, keeping us alive. This energy has an innate intelligence, which is a term used to describe its natural ability to organise, maintain functioning, and restore health. An example of this is when we cut ourselves. All we have to do is make sure the cut is clean. There’s no need to will our body to heal the cut. The innate intelligence of the ‘life force energy’ inside us knows there’s something that requires attention, to be restored to health, and so will go there to heal it.

4b) The parasympathetic nervous system is the ‘rest and repair’ response that undoes the effects of stress, and is the body’s natural healing system. Reiki has the ability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and therefore facilitates deeper relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It also relieves stress, as well as undoing the effects of stress, which is why reiki is so successful with assisting with physical aches and pains where stress is the cause.

By relieving stress, reiki facilitates better sleep, and relieves headaches and other recurring physical pain. And through the process of receiving extra energy with reiki, the body has extra resource to rejuvenate from burn out, as well as extra energy overall. This is how reiki assists with increasing energy and vitality.

4. Access a positive mindset

3a) Because reiki is able to clear stress, relieve aches and pains, calm emotions, balance the brain, and facilitate better sleep, people feel better. And when we feel good, we view the world and our experiences through a more positive and optimistic lens. Feelings of positivity generate positive thoughts and actions.

When we’re in a negative emotional space our thinking is more pessimistic. When we’re in a more positive emotional space our thoughts are naturally more optimistic. It positively affects our attitude and increases our feeling of contentment, which facilitates access to a positive mindset.

Emotional Health Facilitator Sydney

“ I feel lighter, and have a positive mindset. I’ve stopped procrastinating and am getting things done.”


“ I have a stressful job which leads me to bouts of insomnia. Since having reiki, my sleep patterns have changed significantly. I’m now enjoying restful nights sleep uninterrupted. I’ve also been better able to switch off in my hours outside of work and allow myself down time. After a session I feel very relaxed, and a sense of relief.”


“ I was struggling with not being able to sleep and getting recurring migraines every 2-3 weeks. Working a super stressful job, I was also stressed and anxious, and felt as though my world was falling apart. Diana gracefully held my hand and my heart through the fall, caught me and told me, ‘It’s okay.’ She helped me understand, and to move forward, s-l-o-w-l-y. After each session I was able to receive a better sense of clarity and stop reacting to situations. The migraines got better, and I slept better after sessions as well.”


“ I feel happier in my head. The negative talk has slowed down.”


“ The positive effects I’ve experienced from the sessions have surprised me. I have more energy, increased focus, and feel happier at a deeper level. I also feel a lot less stressed. All of this has made an enormous difference in my work with clientsI feel happier in my head. The negative talk has slowed down.”


“ I came to Diana with severe and (what seemed like) incurable migraines and anxiety. I used to have a couple of migraines a week, and after only a handful of sessions, I’ve noticed a significant improvement. Diana is now my go-to for any emotional or physical strain. She has a calming presence and a wealth of knowledge in wellbeing.”


“ I used to dwell on negative things. There was a lot of negativity in my mind, and I’d been feeling very negative, too. As a result of my sessions with Diana I now feel so much more positive. I’m more confident and have a brighter outlook on life.”


“ I’ve been going through a divorce for the last couple of years, which had left me feeling stressed and emotionally drained. After the first session, I have to say that I did notice a shift in myself. I was feeling happier and had a spring in my step, which I hadn’t had in a long time.”


“ I had been going through a challenging time, worried about decisions I had to make regarding my future. I was tense and felt helpless. I was also having difficulty sleeping, as I couldn’t stop thinking about things. Immediately after the first session I felt great relief and peace of mind. I felt really peaceful, calm, and—dare I say—happy, afterwards.”