EP 5: Roz Lawler on what is your life’s purpose?

Roz shares why we have more than one purpose, how our purposes change and grow as we change and grow, and why we need to lighten up about all of it! Rather than finding purpose, learn how to align with it. This is a very expansive look at answering the question of what is your life’s purpose?



“What is my life purpose? What am I here to do? How do I find my purpose?”

These are big questions that more and more people are asking themselves. And if anyone can give us any real clarity on this, it’s Roz Lawler.

The question of ‘What is your life’s purpose?’ speaks to the spiritual aspect of our lives. Given that Roz has been learning from Spirit for over 60 years, since she was 8 months old (which is a very cool story that you can hear about in episode 1), I chose to speak to Roz about this because what she knows about life purpose comes directly from Spirit.

In this life purpose episode, we talk about:

  • What your life purposes are as an individual and generally as a human being
  • Different purposes at different stages of life
  • How to find purpose by aligning with it
  • The difference between life purpose and desire (and examples of desires)
  • Consciously setting purpose in our lives
  • Why lightening up and feeling joy is part of our purpose

DnM Quotes from Roz

“Expecting that we, at any point in our life, will suddenly know the definitive, all encompassing, one and only life purpose—we don’t have a one and only life purpose. We have many.”

“One of our main purposes is to enjoy our lives and to be happy in our experiences.”

“We need to lighten up about the whole deal. Being that our purpose is to enjoy the life we’re here to have, and to share our heart, to follow our heart, and to be of benefit to ourselves and others, there are multitudes of ways that we can do that.”

“Each step in our life leads us to growing more into sharing in our own way. We share as we feel comfortable, and that evolves.”

“When we set those purposes for honouring ourselves and being true to ourselves, it gives us the opportunity to do what is best for us on our journey. Its good practice to build that honour with yourself; by setting purposes for being true to who you are, to finding your joy, for keeping your word to yourself, and for listening to your heart. Those purposes can assist you to become more aligned with your truth.”

“Sometimes we attempt to figure it out with the frontal lobe, which is where all the outside stuff of what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s good, what’s bad—where all the ‘shoulds’ are. Our purpose isn’t an external should. It’s an internal ‘yes’; where we may not initially feel comfortable, but eventually feel comfortable. We our aim our life in that direction, and live our life in baby steps, taking us towards what may be the bigger purposes.”

“The pressure people put on themselves to find ‘the’ thing—in order to find it, you’re looking for the opportunities of the moment that arise that allow you to do what feels best in that moment.”

“It’s like when someone wants to learn something that’s going to be of value to them. We can go to the frontal lobe and think, ‘These are the things that people say are of value, so I’ll go and study all of these things.’ Or, we can go, ‘I’m going to see what interests me; what I feel drawn to.’ And we trust that inner compass that leads us there. Sometimes people attempt to find their purpose by using the thinking part of our brain, instead of the feeling part of ourselves.”

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